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Corporate Culture Consulting

Using our H.U.E.M.A.N. method, we help companies create and maintain a culturally conscious mental health work environment. The H.U.E.M.A.N method teaches six tenets to foster a healthy relationship that benefits team cohesion and effective leadership.

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Mental Health Workshops

Our mental health workshops are informative, engaging, and customizable. These workshops are beneficial for enhancing mental health knowledge and applying effective strategies.

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Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

We facilitate interactive workshops and training on diversity, equity, and inclusion. Our D.E.I. workshops aim to expand ones’ basic understanding and awareness of culturally diverse groups and improve engagement and communication among diverse individuals.

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Sample Workshop Topics:

  • The Cost of Unconscious Bias in the Workplace
  • Creating A Work-Life Harmony Lifestyle
  • Effective Leadership with a Cultural Lens
  • Mental Health 101: Create a Personal Mental Health Plan
  • Socio-cultural Problems Impact on Employees Productivity and Team Unity
  • Inclusive Language in the Workplace

Looking for something custom?

If the above topics fail to meet your current needs, specific workshops can be customized upon request.

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