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Hueman Connections is a consulting firm that help companies create and maintain a culturally conscious mental health work environment and individuals strengthen their interpersonal relationships.

We aim to normalize mental health, increase comfort level with discussing culturally diverse topics, and provide resources and guides to foster authentic connections across all cultural backgrounds. Our H.U.E.M.A.N. method teaches the six basic tenets to fostering healthy relationships, which are beneficial for team cohesion and leadership skills. Our Hueman Connections cards create space for intentional mental health and culturally diverse conversations with the intent to strengthen connections and intimacy with others. Our goal is to make vulnerability, transparency, and empathy the center of all relationships.

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the Founder

Dr. Debeka Bennett is a Counseling Psychologist and a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Consultant. She is passionate about helping companies lead with a cultural lens, destigmatizing seeking mental health support, and assisting people in creating genuine and authentic relationships. Dr. Bennett founded Hueman Connections to provide individuals with a resource and guide to foster meaningful and deeper connections with others.

Dr. Bennett enjoys educating companies with the principles she employs as a psychologist. She believes part of being an effective psychologist is being conscious of her own cultural identities and biases and having the openness and ability to work with diverse client populations. Dr. Bennett transferred her knowledge and experiences as a psychologist by helping companies create an inclusive work environment where employees feel understood and valued and uphold a culturally sensitive policy that integrates mental health. Additionally, she loves assisting individuals in developing authentic relationships with their loved ones. Therefore, she created the Hueman Connections cards to help them foster a deeper connection.

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